bacteriophage: reducing bacterial spoilage naturally


APS Biocontrol Ltd. (APS) develops biocontrol solutions for the management of bacterial diseases and other microbial contaminants in agriculture and food processing, where concerns regarding the use of synthetic chemicals have resulted in a programme of withdrawals that will have a dramatic impact on the ability of (a) growers to achieve commercial yields and quality and (b) suppliers to ensure the quality of post-harvest packed produce. APS’ patented Biolyse technology (based on naturally-occurring antimicrobials; bacteriophage) provides safe, effective and environmentally-sustainable replacements.

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Biolyse: smart bacteriophage mixes

APS’ flagship product, Biolyse-PB is a food-processing aid for the potato-packing industry, reducing shelf-life failures and helping businesses across Europe move away from the reliance on chemical biocides. The technology can be applied to any bacterial pathogen/contaminant situation and we have a pipeline of products across the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

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If you have a problem with bacterial breakdown or contamination, either in the agri-tech or any sector, our Biolyse technology could be an effective solution.